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About Us

I love what I do

It began about 20 years ago as a love for creative wearable art and a yearning for something different that just couldn't be found in stores. I began making my own clothing and accessories and found that there was a lot of interest from the public. So, in 2003 it turned from a hobby to a business. I started small, selling at farmers markets, then festivals and soon after opened my first online store.  The name has changed as the business has shifted and my products have grown and changed as well over the years but the love and passion has always remained. 

I strive for high quality and bold design in everything that I do.  Designs that get you noticed and inspire awe in those around you.  Playful, edgy,  and whimzical clothing and accessories that bring light and happiness to those who wear them and the people that surround them.  Things that will put a smile on your face, make you giggle, and speak to your soul.


Art of Wings is the name of my parent company and my handmade line of accessories.

Whimzical Couture (My clothing line brand name) is the newest incarnation of this creative journey. 

I hope it speaks to you and makes you smile.  :)