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What's New



Fairy Wings







Multi-Mix Dreads  

One Green multi-mix on young girl->

Dreadlock Hair Falls Claw Clip in  red green Black mix Dreadlock Hair Fall Claw Clip in Purple Black mix one Blue muti-mix ponytail


$25 per piece,  $48.00 for a Pair.

 Now, if you can put your hair into a high ponytail or pigtails you can just clip these over the top and go. Simple.

These are not light because they are very full dreadlocks

These are thin dreads with tapered ends.  Heat sealed.  The best feature about this item is that they are clip in:  so all you need to do is put your hair into pigtails and then clip the falls on over them.  Therefore, since they are mounted on a clip, there is maximum height and no fiddling with the dreads to make them look bigger and no bobby pins.  (Claw Clip)
Dreads are as thick as a No. 2 pencil on average. 
Dreads at the root are thicker and taper to a smaller point to the tip.
Works best when clipped over ponytails or just above the ponytail.

Best part is you cannot see the Claw clip at all!

1. Clip on in one second, no messing with bobby pins or ties.
2. Maximum height
3. Super full hair
4. Mounted on heavy duty claw clip
5. Does not need to be brushed or washed
6. Dreads are thick and sturdy


Red, Hott Pink, Blue(only 1 pair left), White(only 1 ponytail left)


Dreadlock Hair Fall Claw Clip in Red Black multi

One or Two

Ponytail(1) Was $50

now $25.00

Pigtails(2) Was $100

now $48.00  

Shipping $10.00

Plain Color Dreads

 Dreadlock Hair Fall Claw Clip in PurplePurple Pigtails  Single: Blonde/Burg ponytail

Pink, Purple, Blue


Tired of expensive extensions? 

Just clip in and go.

<--Customer photo

One or Two


Single ponytail now only $20.00

Pigtails(2) Was $100

now only $35.00  !