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Pixel Whip

Regular Whip

XL Whip

Short Whip



REGULAR, XL, and SHORT WHIPS   by Art of Wings

woman with fiber optic whip at festival woman dancing with fiber optic  

Fiber Optic Whip Pshychedelic rave toy   Fiber Optic Whip Pshychedelic rave toy

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Available Sizes: Regular, XL and Short 

 Regular and XL are 6.5ft long!  The Short is 3ft long and easier to move around quickly if you want to rave with it.

 The XL has 2 times as much Fiber optics making it shine like all the stars in the sky!

 12 color modes: 10 single colors, fast flash through 10 colors and slow morph(through all 10 colors) (my favorite).

 Unique Multi-color LED.  When you move the fibers around they can glow in 3-colors at once creating a trippy spotted effect that is hard to describe. 

 Wear it around you like a starry cascading shawl of stars. Instantly making your outfit or costume look like lights have sprouted out of it.

  Dance with it in your arms making your every movement mesmerizing, enchanting and dramatic.

  Play with it like a trippy rave toy, slithering it around your arms and body or out in front of you like fire poi (just make sure you have distance around you to play, just like with fire, these can badly hurt innocent bystanders or those not paying attention if whipped accidentally)(Best with the regular, economy and short)

  Whatever you do with it, it will amaze those around you!

   3AAA batteries not included.

  **XL shown in all photos.  Model is 5'7" tall.

(Art of Wings) Fiber-Optic Whips



Regular was $120  Now $115

X-Large was $220 Now $195

Short was$100 now $95

$14 shipping


Replacement Light Source (for Art of Wings brand only)



Replacement Fiber Optics (for Art of Wings brand only)

 $65 - $165.

Whip Comparison Chart -all whips sold indivdually

New PixelWhip by Fiberflies

Regular Whip

XL Whip






Less Fibers   * Fibers   ** 2X more Fibers   **** Fibers   **
Rechargable Liion battery 3 AAA batteries 3 AAA batteries 3 AAA batteries
Swivels on ball bearings No swivel No swivel No swivel






New ----FiberOptic Jellyfish Umbrella (Totem) Kit

Always jealous of the people at the festival with the awesome Totem?  Want to have the coolest one out there, well here's your chance!  My Fiber-Optic Jellyfish Umbrella (Totem) Kit comes with everything you need to make your very own.

Simple instructions and set-up

Takes 3AAA Batteries

Lightweight and not too bulky and it dissasembles so you can easily pack it in your car to and from the show.


Coming Soon......

Kit Includes:  1 FiberOptic whip(3 options), 1 Small Umbrella, 1 connector, 1 3ft long pole, 2 velcro pieces, Instructions