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If you are a Happy Customer and would like to have your photo on this page please e-mail Photo's to me @  info@artofwings.com

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Spring fairy wings costume in pink and purple

Fairy Bride tie dye

Flower girl with fairy wings

 cute girl with furry winter hat

fairy hat

extravagant pheasant wings

green Dragon wings

Funky Ski hats

Fairy wings and crown

Pink wings at burning man

Funky furry hat for festivals

fairy Wedding with wings and kilt

Mathcing Fairy wings and crown set

little fairy wings at a festival

anime Fairy Feather wings

Enchanted mossy branches woods wings

Fairy Crowns Tiaras

Renaissance Fairy Wings faire

red bat wings for men and women

  adult fairy wings    

Fairy Family wings

sci fi cinvention fairy and bat wings

fairy costume

crazy ski hat fairy crown

green man wings costume

little fairy hat

Green woman Wings costume

wood nymph fairy wings

fairy costume wings

funky hat

Dog pet fairy wings

fairy crown

fairy wings

fairy gauntlet

fairy wings

flower girl fairy wings in pinkflower girl fairy wings where the wild things are hat
Fairy wings fashion

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Customer Comments:

I just received my LED wings and gauntlets and they are AMAZING!!! LOVE THEM! I am so excited to get to wear them. I have just been wearing the wings around the house. Thank you so much. I will definitely be ordering off you again in the near future. -Sara

Hi I just wanted to let you know how happy I was with the beautiful wings. I wore them at Wanee Fest in Florida and got many compliments. Just thought I would let you know what a hit they were and how much I enjoyed them. Peace and love        -Rachel

I've been meaning to write to you for a while. Your wings were a great success! They have a new happy home mounted on my parent's wall in Los Angeles, were there are the source of much admiration and love. This will not be the last time I wear these,  they are super awesome!   -Chelsea

Hi Meghann,  I just wanted to let you know that I recieved the pouf hats and I just love them! Thank you so much. They are just what I wanted. My husband loves them too, so I will be getting one for him too.  Thank you again!     -Rogerlyn

Hello Meghann,  I got the wings and am very pleased with them.  You did a great job! The colors came out so nice! I can't wait to wear them.  Everyone in the family keeps trying them on! The hat looks really good too. That is another thing that goes from head to head. It is kind of funny.  One minute, my stepson will be talking to me and the next time I look at him he has on the hat. Or my husband will be sitting watching TV in the hat. Or I will be reading in the hat. Or doing the dishes. It looks very cool. Thank you so much for your hard work. And thanks for the extra batteries for the light barrettes. I hope that we can do business again soon. Take care.      -Best regards,  Arell

Hi Meghann,    I received the wings on Saturday.  They are beautiful.  Thanks for the quality workmanship and the fast delivery. Have a great day!    -Wendy C.

hi, I received the brown/green butterfly wings today, and they look absolutey beautiful! and they also feel good to wear. thank you very much, you really make beautiful things.
with kind regards,     Jolanda    1-25-10

I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE my wings and headband! They are SOOOOO AWESOME! So much better than I expected. You did a fantastic job and I will be sure to send you pics on Halloween! Thank you so much again for the fast shipment and working with me! Iím thrilled.     -Brianna

I just wanted to say that i've gotten two hats from you and My girl friend and I love them and so does every one else you can only imagine how many compliments we get its unreal. Anyway you are a great artist thanks a bunch.      -Tim

Ohhh Meghann:
> I just got the wings this afternoon and they are PERFECT!!! I didn't think the color would be right but they are a perfect match! How did you know????? Thank you sooooo much!
> Patricia!!!!!

Hi Meghann,  the wings arrived today and my girl is over the moon. thank you for your work.  -Elaine

Here are a few photos of your wings in action from Labyrinth Ball..          Whereas there were plenty of other wings I truly believe yours were among the more well made and very elegant.       -Valarie                                   

Meghann, I just got them and they are beautiful!!
Thank you sooooo much      -Patti

Hi there! I bought the green dress from you at the University Street Fair. I just wanted to say thank you! I love it. It's so comfortable and I got soo many compliments on it. I am saving up my money to buy another one...and I really love those tribal jackets too. You are very talented. Anyway, just wanted you to know that I love it! Thanks again. See you soon!

Hey Meghann,       Last year about this time my dad,Ted, went to Seatlle from Colorado for a RAC meeting. While hitting the pavment he came across your store. He purchased a Cute Pouf Hat for me. I just wanted to let you know that I absulutely ADORE it. I eat, sleep, and travel EVERYWHERE with it (literally I drove all the way to Flordia with it). Everyone comments me and ask where I got it. It is one wierd, but awesome hat. It truely is one of a kind so it fits me perfectly!! Thanks alot I can't wait to get more hats from you!=)
Best Wishes,     Emma

Thank you so much for getting my order to me before the 18th. I love everything I bought from you. I was really impressed with your packing skills too! Best wishes, Katherine